Seattle Recording, Mixing, Production and Mastering

Welcome to Temple of the Trees, Seattle’s most unique recording, mixing, and mastering studio.

Step into a realm that defies the ordinary and embraces limitless possibilities.

Every element of our studio has been carefully crafted by musicians, for musicians. From the meticulous attention to detail to our awe-inspiring live room.

Nestled just minutes away from downtown, yet conveniently close to an array of dining options and cafes, stepping into our studio will transport you to a mystical realm of music—a magical space of creative possibilities.

Control Room

The best recording studio in Seattle

Temple of the Trees emerges as the visionary creation of Joe and Karyn Reineke, renowned founders of Seattle’s esteemed recording studio, Orbit Audio. Infused with a touch of magic and boundless inspiration, this extraordinary space was crafted from the ground up, with every detail carefully designed and considered.

The wood adorning its interiors was sourced from the very trees that once graced the studio’s hallowed ground. Boasting soaring 20-foot-high ceilings in the live room and a spacious control room, artists will find themselves immersed in the epitome of their recording studio dreams—a musical temple that sparks unparalleled creativity.